How to write an application in German?

How to write an application, a CV, a short biography in German?

In this course, you can learn how to write an application in German - because a good and convincing application is the first step to get your dream position in an orchestra, at an opera house, at a choir, in a music school or whereever you want to start your professional career. Also as a freelance musician, you might need a CV in German for concert venues and agencys.


  • how to write a CV and an application letter in German
  • how to write a short German biography
  • photo for an application
  • Difference between CV and an artist biography
  • where can you find jobs / positions
  • what mistakes you shouldn't make and how you can avoid them

If you already have a CV or an application letter, feel free to bring them with you to the course, so that we can discuss it!